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OSE Holiday

LD: Nov UK Base Electricity-ICEEUR


US Export Inspections

US T-Bill Auction

US Crop Progress

OSE Holiday

TFX Holiday

TOCOM Holiday

TSE Holiday

OE: Dec COMEX(R) Silver-CME(R)-G

OE: Dec COMEX(R) Gold-CME(R)-G

OE: Dec Natural Gas-CME(R)-G

OE: Dec Copper-CME(R)-G

LT: Dec Coal-CME(R)-G

LT: Dec E-mini(R) Natural Gas-CME(R)-G

LT: Dec Penultimate Natural Gas-CME(R)-G

OE: Dec RBOB Gasoline-CME(R)-G

OE: Dec Heating Oil-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Crude Oil-CME(R)-G

LN: Nov Rough Rice-CME(R)-G

LN: Dec Crude Oil-CME(R)-G

FD: Dec UK Base Electricity-ICEEUR


US Consumer Confidence(R)

CA Retail Trade

CA Financial Statistics for Enterprises

US Cotton Ginnings

US North American Potatoes

US Corporate Profits

US Poultry Slaughter

US Gross Domestic Product

LT: Nov Azuki-TOCOM

LT: Nov Copper-CME(R)-G

LT: Nov Hot-Rolled Steel-CME(R)-G

LT: Dec E-mini Copper-CME(R)-G

LT: Dec Gasoline-TOCOM

LT: Dec Chukyo-Gasoline-TOCOM

LT: Dec miNY Gold-CME(R)-G

LT: Dec Kerosene-TOCOM

LT: Dec Natural Gas-CME(R)-G

LT: Dec miNY Silver-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Coal-CME(R)-G

LN: Dec Coal-CME(R)-G

LD: Nov Rough Rice-CME(R)-G


CFE Holiday

CA Characteristics of International O...

CA Farm Income

US New Home Sales

US Consumer Sentiment

US Advance Durable Goods

US EIA Natural Gas Storage Report

US Personal Income

US Agricultural Prices

US Broiler Hatchery

LT: Dec Corn-ICEUS

LT: Dec RBOB Gasoline-ICEEUR

LT: Dec Financial RBOB Gasoline-CME(R)-G

LT: Dec Heating Oil-ICEEUR

LT: Dec Financial Heating Oil-CME(R)-G

LT: Dec Soybean Meal-ICEUS

LT: Dec Soybean Oil-ICEUS

LT: Dec Wheat-ICEUS

FN: Dec 10-Yr Canadian Government Bon...

FN: Dec 5-Yr Canadian Government Bond...

FN: Dec Corn-ICEUS

FN: Dec RBOB Gasoline-ICEEUR

FN: Dec Heating Oil-ICEEUR

FN: Dec Natural Gas-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Soybean Meal-ICEUS

FN: Dec Soybean Oil-ICEUS

FN: Dec Wheat-ICEUS

LN: Nov Copper-CME(R)-G

LN: Dec Corn-ICEUS

LN: Dec RBOB Gasoline-ICEEUR

LN: Dec Heating Oil-ICEEUR

LN: Dec Natural Gas-CME(R)-G

LN: Dec Soybean Meals-ICEUS

LN: Dec Soybean Oil-ICEUS

LN: Dec Wheat-ICEUS


CFE Holiday

CA Canada's Balance of International ...

EU Business and Consumer Survey

EU Business Climate Indicator for the...

Thanksgiving Day

ASX Holiday

ASXNZ Holiday

CBOE Holiday

DME Holiday

MGE Holiday

OC Holiday

US Government Holiday

LT: Nov CES China 120-HKEX

LT: Nov H-Shares-HKEX

LT: Nov Mini H-Shares-HKEX

LT: Nov Hang Seng-HKEX

LT: Nov Mini Hang Seng-HKEX

LT: Nov Single Stocks-HKEX

LT: Dec Dutch Power Base Load-ICEEUR

LT: Dec Dutch TTF Gas-ICEEUR

LT: Dec NCG Natural Gas-ICEEUR

LT: Dec UK Natural Gas-ICEEUR


FN: Dec Dutch Power Base Load-ICEEUR

FN: Dec 2-Yr Canadian Government Bond...

FN: Dec Dutch TTF Gas-ICEEUR

FN: Dec NCG Natural Gas-ICEEUR

FN: Dec UK Natural Gas-ICEEUR


LN: Nov Dutch Power Base Load-ICEEUR

LN: Nov Dutch TTF Gas-ICEEUR

LN: Nov NCG Natural Gas-ICEEUR

LN: Nov UK Natural Gas-ICEEUR


LN: Nov Soya-SAFEX

LN: Nov Sunflower Seeds-SAFEX

LN: Nov Wheat-SAFEX

LN: Nov White Maize-SAFEX

LN: Nov Yellow Maize-SAFEX

FD: Nov Azuki-TOCOM

LD: Nov Azuki-TOCOM

LD: Nov RBOB Gasoline-CME(R)-G

LD: Nov Heating Oil-CME(R)-G


CFE Holiday

US Money Supply Figures

US Export Sales

US Factors Affecting Reserve Balances

CA Gross Domestic Product by Industry

CA Industrial Product and Raw Materia...

CA Canadian Economic Accounts

EU Unemployment

EU Flash Estimate Euro Area Inflation

US Chicago Purchasing Managers' Index

LT: Nov Mont Belvieu Petrochemicals-C...

OE: Nov 30-day Fed Funds-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec 2- & 5-Yr T-Notes-CME(R)-G


LT: Nov Crude Oil-TOCOM

LT: Nov Monthly Electricity-CME(R)-G

LT: Nov 30-day Fed Funds-CME(R)-G

LT: Nov 30-day Interbank-ASX

LT: Nov Iron Ore-CME(R)-G

LT: Dec RBOB Gasoline-CME(R)-G

LT: Dec Heating Oil-CME(R)-G

LT: Jan Oman Crude Oil-DME

OE: Dec Japanese Government Bonds-TSE


FN: Dec Copper-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Corn-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Mini Corn-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Ethanol-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec COMEX(R) Gold-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec E-micro Gold-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Oats-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Palladium-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec COMEX(R) Silver-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Soya-SAFEX

FN: Dec Soybean Meal-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Soybean Oil-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Sunflower Seeds-SAFEX

FN: Dec T-Notes-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Wheat-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Wheat-SAFEX

FN: Dec KC Wheat-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Mini Wheat-CME(R)-G

FN: Dec Spring Wheat-MGE

FN: Dec White Maize-SAFEX

FN: Dec Yellow Maize-SAFEX


LN: Nov Lumber-CME(R)-G

FD: Nov Rubber-TOCOM

LD: Nov Copper-CME(R)-G

LD: Nov Corn-TOCOM

LD: Nov Orange Juice-ICEUS

LD: Nov Rubber-TOCOM

LD: Nov Soya-SAFEX

LD: Nov Sugar 16-ICEUS

LD: Nov Sunflower Seeds-SAFEX

LD: Nov Wheat-SAFEX

LD: Nov White Maize-SAFEX

LD: Nov Yellow Maize-SAFEX