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US Export Inspections

US T-Bill Auction

EU Industrial Production

US Advance Retail Trade

US Crop Progress

US Manufacturing and Trade: Inventori...

LT: Apr 3-mo Euroyen-TFX


LT: Apr Eurodollars-CME(R)-G

LT: Apr Lean Hog Option-CME(R)-G

LT: Apr 3-mo Canadian Bankers Accepta...

LT: Apr CETE91-MexDer

LT: Apr Euro-MexDer

LT: Apr 1-mo. Eurodollar-CME(R)-G

LT: Apr Lean Hogs-CME(R)-G

LT: Apr Renminbi-HKEX

LT: Apr US Dollar-MexDer

LT: May Financial Penultimate Brent C...


US NOPA Soy Crush

US Housing Market Index

CA Survey of Manufacturing

EU International Trade in Goods

US Real Earnings

US Consumer Price Index

Full Moon

OE: May Sugar 11-ICEUS

LT: Apr 10-Yr Swap-MexDer

LT: Apr Soybeans-TOCOM

LT: Apr TIIE28-MexDer


LT: May Corn-TOCOM

LT: May Brent Crude-ICEEUR

LT: May Financial Brent Crude-CME(R)-G

FN: May Brent Crude-ICEEUR

LN: May Brent Crude-ICEEUR

FD: Apr Live Cattle-CME(R)-G


OB Holiday

US Industrial Production and Capacity...

CA Investment in non-Residential Buil...

CA Canada's International Transaction...

CA Monetary Policy Report

CA Policy Interest Rate Announcement

EU Inflation (HICP)

US Broiler Hatchery

EU Quarterly Balance of Payments

US Beige Book

US Housing Starts

EU ECB Governing Council Meeting

OE: Apr Ibovespa-BM&F


OE: May Crude Oil-CME(R)-G

OE: Apr Lean Hogs-CME(R)-G

LT: Apr Electronic Sector-TAIFEX

LT: Apr Finance Sector-TAIFEX

LT: Apr Ibovespa-BM&F

LT: Apr Mini Ibovespa-BM&F

LT: Apr Index Options (A.M. Settled)-...

LT: Apr Non-Finance Non-Electronics S...

LT: Single Stocks-OB

LT: Apr Single Stocks-TAIFEX



FN: May Cocoa-ICEUS


CFE Holiday

ME Holiday

US Money Supply Figures

US Export Sales

US Business Outlook Survey

US Factors Affecting Reserve Balances

CA Travel between Canada and other Co...

CA Consumer Price Index

CA Employment Insurance

EU Euro Area Monthly Balance of Payments

US EIA Natural Gas Storage Report

ASX Holiday

ASXNZ Holiday

BIt Holiday

MexDer Holiday

OB Holiday

OE: Apr S&P 500(R)-CME(R)-G

OE: Apr E-mini(R) S&P 500(R) $-CME(R)-G

OE: May Orange Juice-ICEUS

LT: Apr Feeder Cattle Option-CME(R)-G

LT: Apr Feeder Cattle-CME(R)-G

LT: Apr Equity Options-CBOE

LT: Apr Index Options (P.M. Settled)-...

LT: Apr SPI 200-ASX


CFE Holiday

ME Holiday

US Leading Indicators

Good Friday

ASX Holiday

ASXNZ Holiday

BIt Holiday

CBOE Holiday

DME Holiday

HKEX Holiday

ICECAN Holiday

ICEEUR Holiday

LME Holiday

MEFF Holiday

MexDer Holiday

MGE Holiday

OB Holiday

OC Holiday

SAFEX Holiday

US Commitments of Traders

FD: Apr Soybeans-TOCOM