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Options on Futures

From simple buying and selling of puts and calls, to exotic trading of ration spreads and combos.

Just as options can empower your trading, efutures empowers options traders. We support futures
options traders who recognize that option trading provides several key advantages:
Leverage, limited risk for buyers, insurance for hedgers, and more.

Easily add options trading to your selected
efutures plan.

Independent Online Trading

Conveniently place orders online

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Broker-Assisted Trading

Place orders online or by phone via a broker

Futures + Options


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We’re all about transparency.

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Options Trading Technology

efutures provides you with the advanced futures and options trading platform technology and tools to efficiently identify and seize market opportunities. Our platforms allow for futures and options trading, and include real-time market data, fast execution, and powerful order placement and management tools.

Trading Insight

View the latest on the markets with updated intraday commentary.

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